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Join us this week:

10:00 a.m. worship each Sunday morning

11:15-12 noon Grow & Go time for all ages

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Take up the mission

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Our Mission

Know Jesus as Christ.  
Invite others to follow Him. Develop devoted disciples. Serve those in need.





Get involved


Something for everyone ... You!

Youth group-see the Youth group page on this site.

Want to go to camp this summer? We have scholarship help available.
See the application on this site.

Kits for Conference Item Collection: we will collect items for the kits. See the list under the Outreach page.

Our Background Check form can be found on this page.

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2951 Chain Bridge Rd. Oakton, Virginia           (703) 938 - 1234

Oakton Christian Preschool-
see the page on this site.

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