Church Pictorial Directory 2019

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 You are invited to participate in our upcoming professional photography session for our new church directory.  To schedule your appointment, click on the link above, sign up on Sundays after worship or call the church office for assistance.

Why participate?  To help with communications and build stronger Christian friendship in our congregation, we encourage every member and regular attendee to have their photos made for our new directory.

Photography Dates:  Monday and Tuesday, April 8 and 9, 2019.  2:00PM – 9:00PM, in the Large Hall downstairs.

Can I bring my pet?  Yes, please do!  Or musical instrument, art brushes, weaving, tools, or other prop that helps identify you and makes you happy – optional of course. 

Homebound, Assited Living, Nursing Home?  We will contact you and arrange volunteer drivers to transport you to / from the photo sessions.

Volunteers:  help with contacting families and individuals, greet and register at the photo sessions, drivers for homebound.  Need student community service hours?  Sign-up sheets during services; or call us or church office.

Directory team:  Helen Albanese, Barbara Fisher, Wanda Kirkpatrick